Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Has Started

School has officially begun in our home!
3 bright and cheery faces greeted us this morning as we rolled out of bed.
We had printed out a to do list for each of them the night before so they were already hard at work with their morning chores. Oh how I hope this excitement lasts!
( Goofing around )
 As Mr. is now working from home he is able to be a bigger part of our day. His main homeschool function is to lead the family in Devotions and Praise and Worship time. 
Little Mr. now 3 yrs. old created havoc wherever he went till I got smart and sat him down with his own "school work". That kept him busy for quite a while, later leaving the kitchen table with 
marker "tattooed" arms!  But the peace that prevailed was well worth it!
The girls were very excited to do school so we spent the better part of the morning getting reacquainted with all our learning items!
Victory on the first day! They love to learn! Yes!

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I noticed we have similar interest in music and movies. I love George Winston, December too, but am currently jazzed about the fact that it's time for my annual all-time fave GW album ~ Autumn. Have you heard it? It's the best! So's your artwork too, btw.



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