Sunday, February 13, 2011

PINK is the word!

Happy Valentine's Day-weekend! I love the romance of the special occasion.As pink and red
are the official tint of the day I threw together a wish list from Betsey Johnson....
I love Betsey Johnson fashion-
She definitely knows how to wear pink!
Just imagine arriving for dinner in this pink limo with your sweetheart!

* The perfect pink princess party *
 A rose on the first day of every Month - 
Pure romance!
A sweet pink, Betsey Johnson purse

 And a Betsey Johnson shoe 
(not sure where it's match went)


And some of her designer jewelry.....
Well that's my wish list for the day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Seriously Organized!

I am on a constant quest to be organized. The problem is, organization goes against my artistic nature!
I aspire to have every room in my home neat and tidy, everything in it's place and a place for everything. 
Unfortunately The moment I begin to organize......I discover a new creative project that NEEDS to be done!     Oh Well I'm trying : )
Anyway I thought I'd share some beautiful pics with you -found as I flipped through ideas to help me!
I love this corner cabinet, and look there's NOTHING on the floor!

What an ingenious use of a closet- if only I had one to spare!

Chic and modern with a bit of old Hollywood glam-

This looks a lot like my craft room minus the clutter

What an absolutely DREAMY laundry room! I love the sea foam green walls and lack of dirty clothes piles!

Bright and clean- Great idea for showcasing kid art-
Hang a wire or rope across a wall and use clothespins keep an ever changing art gallery!

These mod shelves are perfect height for toddlers and make easy cleanup for Mom!

This is a great plan for a wall in a garage- Ours is also a playroom-

Toys are easily accessible and perfectly consealed when not in use-

I just love this little space! The colors ore energizing and the shelving unique and once again....there's NO CLUTTER!!!!!

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