Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My little sweetie pie being sweet- Of course what the camera didn't catch was those3 little hands smacking at her sister across her baby brother's car seat.
Big sister was of course totally "innocent" and absolutely not engaging the "smacking" above  baby's head.

But Oh what good friends they are once all is said and done-
Their antics serve as a source for inspiration in my art and I love them dearly!
Oh what I wouldn't give for a tiny white cottage surrounded by purple trees - Then and only then could dream purple daydreams all the day long.  I shot this sweet photo while roaming a purple countryside, atop a purple mountain, inhabited by purple loving people. :  )

Monday, February 22, 2010

Colt is always hammin' it up during photo shoots!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A chill is in the air and I am beside myself with glee! Yesterday my girls were practicing "smell tasting" by sticking out there tongues and trying to taste the air (they were learning about snakes). The weird things they "tasted" were full of imagination and the moment reminded me........Stop and "smell taste" the roses!
Have a whimsical day (even if it's by using your imagination while sitting in a cubicle!)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Tonight there was a tornado watch. Friday rain and a cozy left side of the couch kept for me.
I feel the most creative when the weather is blustery and grey or just before the Cat's Light (dusk). There's just something whimsical and artistic about grey days. The wind seems to speak in tones that sunny skies have never heard, and bluebirds sing in poetry.
With a house full of children and endless things to be done, I must grab my creative spurts when I can get them! I often keep my sketch pad and pen on my dresser so that I can draw in between my running! My children are the same as I am and feel intense need to create, So I always stay well stocked with paper,glue,markers ect. all of which resides atop the high counter where stools are pulled up to.
 Well it's rather late and I can barely feel my creativeness as Tiredness has set in. Good night!

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