Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio peek

I thought I'd share a peek into my studio.
Though my studio also moonlights as the dining room table, it's perfect for now as it's located in the center of all the family hubbub. And with my small fry still small, I need to be in seeing and hearing distance while creating at all times. So I move around the table, chair to chair, to get the best natural light as my often rowdy 3 hang from the backyard tree or build mud castles and turn the lawn into a catastrophic mess! But it all cleans up and in the end I have finished another painting- so alls well that ends well!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tag Word dilemma

These are some of my new creations- Sleepy Dolls! What do you think?
I'm in the process of listing them on my etsy site http://CaptainJanuary.etsy.com but am seeking some tagging help!
If you were a customer intent on purchasing one of my dolls what tag words ( doll, cloth, ect.) would you put in the search engine ?
Thanks for you help! 
You have awesomeness bubbling in you!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Has Started

School has officially begun in our home!
3 bright and cheery faces greeted us this morning as we rolled out of bed.
We had printed out a to do list for each of them the night before so they were already hard at work with their morning chores. Oh how I hope this excitement lasts!
( Goofing around )
 As Mr. is now working from home he is able to be a bigger part of our day. His main homeschool function is to lead the family in Devotions and Praise and Worship time. 
Little Mr. now 3 yrs. old created havoc wherever he went till I got smart and sat him down with his own "school work". That kept him busy for quite a while, later leaving the kitchen table with 
marker "tattooed" arms!  But the peace that prevailed was well worth it!
The girls were very excited to do school so we spent the better part of the morning getting reacquainted with all our learning items!
Victory on the first day! They love to learn! Yes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Highly Organized Chaos

 I thought I'd share a look at my home on a typical day......
My home is fun, not always neat (rarely neat),

             My home is often the recipient of creative outbursts like paint swatches on the wall or as seen reflected in the mirror under "Bob The Deer", giant white cloud puffs painted around doorways.

My home also boasts clothes piles -folded and unfolded, dishes in the sink, and cheerio trails leading to kids with glitter and glue matted in their hair and marker stains on their hands.

My life and home are both full of adventure and love and that to me is worth a bit of highly organized chaos!
Enjoy your family and friends!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adventures of Renting

This is the 9th house I have lived in since marrying my Mr. 11 years ago.
Only one of those homes was owned and the rest have been quite an adventure!
There are joys and woes of renting.... for one we don't have to pay for or fix any major problems. On the other hand, I and my entire family are artists and don't have the right to be as creative with the house as we'd like....for instance, we can't attach a giant flamingo to the roof.
  That being said 3 days after moving into our latest adventure ( just last week ) we had an Alice in Wonderland Tea party for our little Ballerina.
 I Know, I know, what was I thinking, right?  Well her actual birthday had come and gone the previous week. Since 7 year olds don't have the greatest concept of time , explaining that we would have a party soon.....wasn't working!
 As you can see I did manage to throw some charm and kitsch around the house but random items still rested here and there.  i'm an old pro at making quick work of unpacking and decorating!
So yes, the party was thrown together last minute and yes, there were boxes everywhere, but all in all my little girl was happy and had fun.......so it was a success and now on to the rest of the adventure!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for "Fun-School"

As many of you know, we are a homeschool family- I am the oldest of 6 (all of us were home schooled from kindergarden to senior graduation day) and now I continue the tradition with my 3 .
Summer break is just about over in our house, as we get ready for the new school year , scheduled to start in 2 weeks.
Our schooling style is relaxed with loads of hands on learning and life skill  tutoring.....sounds complicated right? Nope, it simply means we have fun!
 Little Mr.is learning that stickers are fun and his big sisters are discovering that if they get them on him quick enough, Dad and Mom won't notice till they are finished.........I knew it was to quiet......
Black mud socks are a must in S. Florida Summers........This is what was left of their clothes after peeling the rest off for a much needed bath........................What did we discover that day? 
You really cannot dig all the way to China. Also that many weird bugs and worms call soil their home.
Happy Schooling!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starbucks Goes To The Ocean

Starbuck's Ocean View-
My Mr.'s view of our small fry enjoying a morning at the beach.
Living 15 min. from the ocean we make it a
 habit to get out there at east once a week
-This time like many others, Starbucks 
came along too.....


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