Friday, September 9, 2011

Adventures of Renting

This is the 9th house I have lived in since marrying my Mr. 11 years ago.
Only one of those homes was owned and the rest have been quite an adventure!
There are joys and woes of renting.... for one we don't have to pay for or fix any major problems. On the other hand, I and my entire family are artists and don't have the right to be as creative with the house as we'd like....for instance, we can't attach a giant flamingo to the roof.
  That being said 3 days after moving into our latest adventure ( just last week ) we had an Alice in Wonderland Tea party for our little Ballerina.
 I Know, I know, what was I thinking, right?  Well her actual birthday had come and gone the previous week. Since 7 year olds don't have the greatest concept of time , explaining that we would have a party soon.....wasn't working!
 As you can see I did manage to throw some charm and kitsch around the house but random items still rested here and there.  i'm an old pro at making quick work of unpacking and decorating!
So yes, the party was thrown together last minute and yes, there were boxes everywhere, but all in all my little girl was happy and had it was a success and now on to the rest of the adventure!


  1. The dress-up party was a hit! You created that 'Alice in Wonderland' ambience with your creative decor. Kudos to you and your great imagination!
    Love, Mom

  2. By the way....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll never forget the date of September 9th when you, my firstborn arrived on the scene. It was your great debut!
    Have a fantastically, special day! LOVE YOU



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