Monday, August 30, 2010


I thought perhaps I'd share my idea quest for re-decorating with you-
Today I'm searching out eclectic kid's spaces- ENJOY!

I love this bed spread, wild and whimsical-

Blackboard paint works great foe little one's rooms-

Oh if only kid's rooms stayed so neat and tidy!

Scrumptious  turquoise!

Princess Perfect!

These three tier bunk beds are perfect - crisp and cute

Funky wall decals

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eclectic Living Spaces

I hope you are inspired by these wonderfully eclectic living spaces!
So many ideas, not enough spaces to decorate!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Belly to Baby!!!

In the past 4 months my sister Chelsea has gone from an adorable belly BUMP..........      
To a flat tummy and an adorably chunky baby boy!!!!
Baby Eli is full of fun and my sister is an excellent mother-
These are my latest drawings in honor of her new chapter in life!
Love you Chels!
Oh, and her Hubby, Brent is a great Dad too! Brother-In-Laws don't always fit in to their wife's family easily- Brent on the other hand Fit immediately - Wacky. 

If I were wearing a hat it would be off to the new family! LOL 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Exploring  is a favorite pastime........

You never know what you might find....

Like these feeding troughs for a herd of 
LongHorns "upcycled" from vintage tubs....

This I old camping grill I think,
 I spotted in my Father in laws barn in Texas....
I climbed through mud and then through a back window 
when I saw a hint of turquoise peeking out...
I had to check it out!

Friday, July 30, 2010

FREE Rice Pack Sewing Instructions! Relieve sore muscles!

My family and I use these hot packs every night- 
Kids like them for the warm comfort, Adults like them for aching muscles!
Try your hand at making one!

1. Cut 2 rectangles from 100% cotton fabric 
( 6 in. x 12in. works well )

2. Put rectangles together right sides facing each other

3. Sew fabric together leaving one short end open

4. Fill your "bag"with white rice to about 3 inches from the top

5. Turn the edges under about 1 inch 

6. Sew turned edges together either by hand or machine

Now you can heat up your Rice Pack 
in the microwave for
approx. 3 min. 
(put a mug of water in too to keep the rice from burning)
Try the pack on sore muscles or to warm cold toes!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Maury the Moose has valiantly offered to taxi his friends across the rising waters- What a way to travel!

It's been too long since I've blogged!
I've been working on my Art prints (original ink drawings) and having so much fun!
My children love to draw along side me and are always creating "Something Special for Etsy"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

STACKING STONES creative learning

Teaching and learning with creative tools makes life so fun!
I've recently created my new line of creative teaching tools -STACKING STONES. The stones are hand selected by my small fry and me along the Florida seashore and then hand painted and sealed.

The sets include - Numbers, ABC's, Shapes, and my favorite, the "SPELL WHIZ" 53 letters for mastering  spelling.
 I love the organic nature and feel to the stones, like playing with a piece of the sea!
 My children LOVE playing with them , and are kept quite content!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pink Cows!

Pink Cows OH MY!!!!!!
Only in Texas!


Thought you might enjoy theses sweet pics taken while on vacation in a tiny beach town-

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My little ones so adore doing what ever they are told that they jump for joy at the prospect of school and chores!
O.k. maybe they are still learning to appreciate rules, and perhaps they they aren't always quick to jump to action when told to do something. 
But one thing I know for sure is that I've hit on something golden in the are of chores! 
My three love to clean anything and everything! In fact I'm hard put to find chores tht are safe for little hands to do, as they are constantly asking me if there are any chores they can do!
If I stand over them and direct, they soon tire of the task -But left to what they believe is "doing it all by themselves "they stick to it till the job is more than done! They really do a good job and I'm thrilled that they are thrilled, and so busy not getting into trouble!
We try to keep daily tasks fun and interesting by turning them into games or simply special time with one of us- folding clothes with Daddy or Mama doubles as a semi date, (much needed personal time with each one of our children).
Of course our days aren't just filled with exciting chores, there is loads of time for creating and playing and being silly! Even homeschool has gotten easier with a few incentives in the picture- Praise God for Creative ideas!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy enough to "Smell the Roses"

So often I find myself so entrenched in every day activities that I've failed to see the wonderful eccentricities of life. Like how sweet it is that my children are playing happily (finally) together, or how exciting it is that Mr. Chattersworth, the backyard squirrel, has finally got up the nerve to ask his sweetheart to marry him, or how preposterously funny it is that no matter how much laundry I do, the hamper never seems to empty!
That last one was'nt so wonderful, but when mundane household tasks seem never ending, one must find    find the silliness in it all!
We know our family,friends, and especially our personal time with God is more important than the busyness of life. But that knowledge seems to fade when you are up to your elbows in dirty diapers, floors that need sweeping, rooms that need organizing, laundry that needs folding, and kids bickering over who's turn it is to do just about anything!
I recently found myself in this rut of never ending "doing", when suddenly with what seemed like a ray of light from Heaven, I stopped what I was doing and looked, REALLY LOOKED. Despite the dirty floors and smelly laundry my children were doing just fine, in fact they were better than fine!
 There they were, giggling and chasing each other around the living room, jumping over the furniture and crashing into prized collections like the little angels they are.
Hold on now, No I don't make it a practice to leave out prized possessions or allow jumping on the couch and racing around the couch. But as any mother knows, "things" happen no matter how together we think we are! 
The point is, that I realized that even the not so lovely moments can be just that, LOVELY, when I choose to see the beauty in the small, ordinary, and absolutely wonderful, everyday "things" that fill up my life.
That ray of light from Heaven that I spoke of is just a poetic way of saying God got ahold of me and gently reminded me to give all my worry, weariness, and exhaustion to Him. When I did, He gave me Joy unattainable without Him, and an outlook on life that is more than rosy!
 I've always loved my children more than words could express and even enjoy the sometimes mundane tasks of being a Homemaker. It's just that busyness can so easily overtake us that we forget to stop and smell the roses!
This week I invite you to join me, wherever you may be, as I purposefully stop what I'm busy doing to say "yes" to reading a book,playing blocks,watching a movie,or taking a walk with my kids when they ask me too, instead of forever saying "Not yet" or "In a few minutes" because what a joy it brings to our lives when we decide to set aside time to just be happy with the ones we love!
Well these are my ramblings- it's time for bed as tomorrow holds new adventures with my small fry in tow

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Have you ever ridden the Carousel?

The carousel brings such fun for boys girls and everyone!

This particular one had vintage and newer ponies alike.

If you ever have a chance to ride the carousel, you really aught to go for it! If the day is bright and a friend is game, make a day of it, I'd certainly do the same!
Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Whitey" was my husband's Grandpa's Longhorn- "Whitey" now belongs to my children by way of their Grandpa- They all think that whatever is Grandpa's is theirs! His Texas farm/ranch is theirs as are all of the Longhorns that reside there! "Whitey, despite his less than creative name is my favorite. I love his uneven horns and scruffy white hide!

This sweet pink bike gives me a little thrill with it's vintage basket! I can imagine long rides along the beach and picnic lunches in between!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I've launched my line of art prints and greeting cards! All prints are from my original ink drawings and are © PaisleyPigeon 
You can find my art at    
Stop by and look around! 


Sweet bridal bliss!

These are a few cards I've been working on : )

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